Monday, November 15, 2010

Cutting the Cord

Another sign today that the mobile world has arrived.

A study by Neilsen shows that one in five Americans has dropped their home landline phone and instead use only cellular service. And it is increasing. Most of the switch seems to be being fueled by young adults who have started new households with just a wireless phone service.

What does that mean for Non-profit marketing? Plenty.

First, phone numbers are more precious than ever -- for you and your donor/supporter. For them, there may a reluctance to give you their number because it is a cell phone (to which some time of day or length or call changes may apply). For you, it is an opportunity. With their cell phone number, you can begin to think about text-based cell marketing opportunities and possibly even wireless donations.

Further, the switch to cell phones can give you an insight into your services. For example, if you begin to notice more and more cell phones in your database, review your website. That's because while most cell phones today can navigate the Internet, most websites aren't geared for mobile users. Make sure they are in synch.

And finally, the switch to cell phones can give you a better insight into your marketing mix. More cell phones means that more electronic channels make sense. Add email and social media and jettison print.

The study can be found here:

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