Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is John full of ****?

Got a comment back from one of you:

"John, you sound just like the other gurus you berate here... Aren't you in the marketing communication consulting business and trying to convince someone to work with you as well?"
Good point. For sure, we all see things from our own perspective. So, it's not surprising that we have different opinions. But I do think that marketing suffers from a "flavour of the month" syndrome which hypes up a number of things way beyond their real value. Social media is just the current example. When I worked at an ad agency in the late 90s it was e-commerce. Our agency spearheaded a conference in New Brunswick about e-commerce...just in time to see the dot-com crisis change the landscape. So, yes, I'm a bit cynical of the latest fad.
Social media certainly gives real value. However, I've seen a number of non-profits get into social media mostly because of "fad" issues rather than because of a real strategic reasons. For example, I've met a number of non-profit leaders who say they've been told they need a Facebook page or a Twitter account, but they're not really sure why. That's a problem.
The question you should have asked is whether I am full of shit or not. That's a toughie, but, no, I don't think I am. I do have opinions and I say what I think...sometimes bluntly. I hope that gives you some value in your world. There's only one real way to tell, though. Call, email or "comment" me, and see what I say!
I like comments. Feel free to send them in or call.

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